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See a Book Take a Look is my self-publishing business.

I became an author and illustrator to share the many amazing stories residing in my heart with the world. My journey started in 2005 when, with my first manuscript in hand, I began to research the publishing world. I wanted to explore publication of my children’s storybook, but I quickly realized there were too many restrictions and limitations placed on authors, that I was not willing to sacrifice for the creation of my book. I still wanted to see my book in print; I believed so much in my message that I refused to accept anything else. So, I chose the self-publishing route. Soon after, my own self-publishing house was born. See a Book Take a Look has been a labour of love from the start, and I have been able to not only publish my first manuscript, but I have also written, illustrated and published many other award-winning books! Click on this link to be taken to See a Book Take A Look. There, you will find more details on my books, as well as links to classroom readings and initiatives. This is my children’s storybooks self-publishing house. Books are the key to inspiring children to promote literacy!


C Unique Creations is another one of my endeavours.

Art has always been a constant therapeutic expression in my life, and I am passionate about sharing my love for art with anyone who wants to play. I believe everyone is an artist, and my classes and workshops provide even the most skeptical participant with the inspiration and tools they need to find that artist hidden within themselves. My home-party workshops are completely mobile, and they are all about having fun and allowing yourself to let your creativity flow! Click this link to learn more about upcoming workshops, or to book your own!



Literacy WarriorTM is coming soon.

I am currently working on my fist ficton novel, and Literacy WarriorTM is the self-publishing company that will enable me to promote my story to adults. Creating social awareness of the long-reaching impact of low-literacy on adults is the first step to eliminating poverty, social bias, and stigma.




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